We don’t usually like to toot our own horn …we’ll let others do it for us!



A little bit of FBC history in print:

“With an absurd range of choice and doorstep delivery, Chuck Grafft’s Foreign Buyers’ Club offers personalized care packages, like most U.S. moms send to kids at camp or college.”

– Quentin Hardy, The Wall Street Journal


Grafft’s business plan is simple: when a customer asks for an item, get it for them. To him, FBC members are not customers for his service, they are friends. He refuses to sell the FBC’s mailing list to other companies, a common business practice, because ‘you don’t do that to your friends.’”

– Steve Porritt, The ACCJ Journal


“The Foreign Buyers’ Club … is a household name among North Americans living here (in Japan).”

 – Nicola Wasson, USA Today


“He currently enjoys a trusting relationship with the Japanese customs office ‘because we produce an incredibly perfect set of incredibly difficult documents. We are monitored all the time and we come up looking good all the time, but it is always tough.”

– Carol Nishizaki, Asahi Evening News




Here are a collection of quotes that we have received over the years from some of our members:

One big happy international family full of food and fun and great things for everyone Rachel in Hyogo


It is amazing how FBC is a full-fledged business but is really all about people – about raising the quality and happiness level of their everyday lives through food and other basic necessities Reiko in Kyoto


Once when my tomato paste order was delayed you even sent me some complimentary cans just to get me thru until mine arrived. WOW! Jeff in Hiroshima


Living in the more cosmopolitan cities of Japan, FBC is a convenience but for those more than an hour away from import shops it is a life-saving necessity! Austin in Shiga


Shopping at FBC is like shopping at home in the US only with, in some cases, a BETTER variety and all at one place! Chandra in Gifu


I am constantly impressed by the standard of the service of FBC and the friendliness of the phone operators! Rhona in Hokkaido


My daughters are both Japanese and American. FBC allows me to share MY favorite foods and experiences of my childhood Carole & Natsuchika in Kanagawa


FBC made my first Thanksgiving away from my family wonderful because it allowed me to recreate it for my friends. Thanks a lot! Veronica in Miyagi


Good healthy cereals are so hard to find in Japan – I always tell me friends and students where my source is for healthy reasonable cereals is… FBC of course! Stephen and Joan in Okayama


I love the great selection of English workbooks, and the fantastic art supplies! Tracey in Tokyo


Elmo! My son loves Elmo (and so do I)! The Learning Center has a great selection of books and videos featuring Elmo… Fumiko in Yamaguchi


Being so far from home is not always easy, so having this EASY and GREAT FBC service means I can have some home comforts at great prices! Amy in Yamanashi


I cannot imagine how I would organise my English classes without FBC Member in Nara


It is nice to be able to buy teaching supplies in Japan. Stickers, borders, flashcards, holiday activities – it saves my mom from having to mail them to me! Margaret in Kobe


Once you shop at FBC you will not shop anywhere else! The prices are reasonable and shipments right to your door! Midori in Shizuoka


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