SOS serves the International and English Schools throughout Japan by bringing literally thousands of items from the US to teachers at incredible discount prices. Special orders can also be made by individuals, either by using the Parent Teacher packet or by special request. Download the information PDF File Here
How to Order!

First, you will need to order the Parent Teacher Catalog from us. Then, fill out the SOS For Schools Order Form. Use a separate order form for each catalog and please note the catalog name and issue date for us. Thanks! We appreciate your help with that!!

FBC’s ‘Parent-Teacher Catalog Packet’ usually contains three catalogs. The available Catalogs are as follows below. Please allow us to choose three of them for you.


Parent Teacher Catalog Packet

We’re sure these products in FBC’s ‘Parent-Teacher Catalog Packet’ (5-13126: 411 yen from the Learning Center) will not only enrich your classroom activities, but will also help parents who are teaching and helping their children at home. You can turn any room into an exciting, colorful learning environment and make lessons into playtime and help any child have more fun with you! Chuck and the rest of us on the team have chosen catalogs from US companies which represent some of the best teaching material currently available, and we have worked well with these suppliers over the last few years.

The catalog packets include three catalogs (whichever are available at the time) from the following selection:

More than 1,000 products are available such as charts, card games, activity books, stickers which are developed for children ages 3-13. Also effective for learners with special needs, or for people learning English as a second language.

CTP (Creative Teaching Press)
Includes books, charts, puzzles, rewards, and decorative products at the elementary and middle-school level. World wide famous Dr Maggie’s phonics and ‘Learn to Read’ series from CTP are always one of the most popular resource books for classroom and home.

McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing
More than 6,000 products are available to help educate children for K-12. McGraw has recently added a wide array of items from Frank Schaffer Publications and Instructional Fair Group to their current list such as Ideal School Supply, Good Apple, Totline Pub. and Peter Bedrick Books.

Discount School Supply
One of the most popular suppliers for Arts & Crafts materials. The huge US school supply wholesaler updates its catalog 4 times a year and updates the retail price on its website everyday! Biocolor, paint accessories, block play, LEGO, furniture for infants and children, and lots of teacher’s resources are available!

School Zone
From the best-selling ‘Get Ready Workbooks’, Flash Cards, Puzzle Cards, and Game Cards to the award-winning ‘On-Track Software’, School Zone offers educational materials for parents, teachers, and children.

Created by teachers for teachers, the complete product line includes
classroom decorations; supplemental books for math, science, social studies,
language arts, & early childhood; pocket charts; games; and much more for
preschool through the eighth grade.

Frank Schaffer Publications
They have the great selections of supplemental products correlated to major
math and reading basal textbook programs, and educational products alginated
to state and national standards in the US. Spectrum workbooks are one of our
bestselling items.

The Order Process
  1. Fill in the catalog name and issue date with one order form per supplier catalog.
    Please include:
    • Page number for each item from the catalog
    • Product code
    • Quantity
    • Title/description
    • Retail $ price
    • Don’t forget your payment method too!
    Then, fax (078-857-9005) the completed order form.
  2. You will receive an estimate in yen by fax or e-mail within one week after you send the order. Make sure the titles, prices, and quantities are correct.
    If you find any mistakes, please contact us right away. And please understand that because this is a special order service, we can’t accept any changes or cancellations after your order is confirmed. After you agree with the final ¥ prices, give us your final confirmation by fax, phone or email by Thursday morning.We cannot process your order until we receive your final confirmation.
    We actually send the orders to the US vendors on Thursdays – so keep that deadline in mind. It takes about 5-6 weeks for most goods (allow 7-8 weeks for bigger items like furniture) to arrive in Japan by Ocean freight, so we also offer an ‘Air Rush’ option as well. Due to the US supplier’s stock situation it may take longer so plan ahead if possible!
    *Due to the US Winter and Summer holiday ordering schedules, orders placed during those times (Dec-Jan, June-Aug) may incur slight delays.
  3. After we have placed your order with our US suppliers, we’ll send you an ‘Order Received Letter’ that updates you on the status of each item. It’s possible that some items will not be available, in which case, we’ll return a credit to your FBC account.*Additionally, even though some items are confirmed as ‘OK’ on the ‘Order Received Letter’, the suppliers sometimes inform us later that items are not deliverable but ‘on backorder’. In that case we can’t do much more than keep you updated as the supplier lets us know on the items’ availability. Unfortunately, the US suppliers usually don’t give us an exact receiving date for your back ordered items.
  4. After you receive the ‘Order Received Letter’, please make your payment.
    Payment needs to be prepaid at the time of ordering due to the Special orders. *Please note C.O.D. is not available for SOS orders.
Your Price – all inclusive!

Normally, your price will be the supplier catalog $ price at the yen rate* plus the shipping & handling fee**. That includes all the US and overseas shipping plus customs, duty etc. A great deal! The estimate we send will let you know the exact total so you can be sure before you order.

*Yen rate will be determined by FBC in the estimate.
**Shipping & Handling fee will be charged with 15-40% (varies on each supplier) of order subtotal.

Domestic Delivery

Delivery takes about six weeks from the time you place the order till you get them at your door if the US suppliers have the stock on hand. If you are in a hurry, we can arrange air shipping as well, just let us know when you need the items by (“Air shipment” option may not be available depending on vendor).

Special Orders

If you would like to order some videos, books, DVDs (Region 1), other products that are not in the Learning Center Catalog or in “Parent-Teacher Catalog Packet”, please send us the information by Fax or e-mail. If we can get them, we will send you an estimate.

Contacting Us!

Our SOS manager, Shoko will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this service.
You can contact Shoko here:

Or give her a call during office hours to discuss your needs.
Tel: 078-857-0028

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