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Your email address/contact information has changed?
Items are disappearing from my cart
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Is my credit card information secure?
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Should I become an FBC member?
How do I return something to FBC?
About Backorders.
School & Group Orders.

The General Store FAQ’s

Is there a limit on the quantity I can order of a particular item?
How does the General Store Personal Importing work?
When is the General Store order deadline?


General Delivery information.
Receiving your order.
Sample Note for Delivery Person (if you’re not home).


Search Tips

We have two separate stores with different delivery times/methods  – The General Store and Deli+Learning Center – click the link in “Narrow Your Search” to search for items in only one of the stores.

1. If the results show no matches, try checking the spelling first.

2. If you are entering multiple keywords, make sure each keyword is separated by a space.

3. If you find that you get few or no matches, try using just one or two keywords to broaden your search.

4. If you get too many results, try and be more specific.

If you have any trouble searching for products on our website, you can browse our site using the categories on the homepage. If an item you have seen before is missing, it may be that it has been discontinued by our supplier, and we no longer carry it. Please contact us to check if there are any other similar substitutes.



Q. I’ve forgotten my password.

A. Click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. Your password will then be e-mailed to you. Open your e-mail program and check for the e-mail from FBC listing your password. Once you have the password you can continue with your order. Easy!
If you find that you do not receive an email from us, you may be using a different email address than what you did last time – or your email provider (especially if it is Hotmail, Yahoo, etc..) may think our automated website reply is spam or junk mail. In that case, please check your junk/bulk mail inbox.

Q. Your email / contact information has changed.

A. If you would like to correct/change your personal information (tel#, address, etc…) simply login with your email address and password. You can then change any of the information under My Account and it will automatically be saved.
If you have changed your email address since the last time you logged in, please enter your old email address and password combination, and change your email address when your information is displayed. It will then be saved with your new address the next time you log in.

Q. Items are disappearing from my cart

A. If you take longer than 25 minutes to checkout your session will expire (sorry, it’s a security issue). However, if you login first (there’s a link at the top of each page) you will be able to use the permanent cart feature and can come back anytime to continue shopping.

Q. I click on the “buy” button but there are no products in my cart!

A. 99% of the time this problem is encountered, it is because the “cookies” setting in your web browser has been turned off. Cookies are small pieces of information that our web server sends to your computer so that it can remember things like the products you have ordered etc… most computers come with this setting turned to “always accept”, however it is quite easy for someone to unknowingly turn it to “never accept”.

To turn them on again, simply go to your internet options or preferences (depending on your computer) and look for either the “advanced” or “cookies” setting (again, depending on your computer) and switch to “always accept”. Our website also requires Javascript and Flash to function correctly.
*Some security programs also disallow certain cookie settings, so you may want to check if you have this type of program installed on your system.

Q. Is my credit card information secure?

A. Credit Card information can only get entered at the secure (https://) section of the web site. Credit Card Information is not getting stored in Cookies nor in the Backend Database system of the web site. All Credit Card information is only being transferred over 256 bit AES encrypted channels e.g. For top secret classified data that needs to remain secret for the next 100 years, the Government uses NIST certified 256-bit AES encryption.

The e-commerce system is equipped with the latest security patches and protected against currently known SQL injection and Cross-Scripting attacks. The web site is constantly getting monitored to ensure the bad boys (hackers) are staying out.



Q. Should I become an FBC member?

It’s easy to become a member of FBC! Membership is still just 1,000 yen per year and covers all FBC services. To become a member, simply place your first order with us and choose the new member option. Members enjoy a discount on all purchases and are sent seasonal newsletters and special updates throughout the year. If you prefer not to become a member, you can choose the non-member option to add 5% to your order subtotal.

Q. How do I return something to FBC?

Although we don’t encourage you to taste test, we really want you to let us know if you’re not satisfied with something you buy from FBC. Call, fax or e-mail us and we can even make arrangements for the delivery company to pick up the product(s) – The pick-up fee is only 400 yen. We’ll credit you for it or order something different if you’d like. Worry-free ordering – that’s a good thing!

*Opened videos, CDs, DVDs cannot be returned or exchanged, unless damaged or defective.

About Backorders.

About 5% of all cases ordered will result in a backorder or a discontinued item. Please expect it! We hate it too, but because we buy from supermarket suppliers and because of maker changes, it’s beyond our control. Our policy is to automatically backorder an item if it’s still available; if it isn’t, we’ll credit your account. Thanks for understanding!

Q. Group and School Orders

If your Group or School is registered with us at FBC, all you have to do is enter the COUPON CODE in the box at checkout during your school order week.


Q. Is there a limit on the quantity I can order of a particular item?

The General Store imports goods on your behalf under the Personal Importing System. General Store orders must be for personal use and within a “reasonable quantity.” Due to Customs limitations, “drug store” items have specific case limits. Non-specified cases (ie most others!) have a limit of 5 cases per member, per order.

Q. How does the General Store Personal Importing work?

FBC imports goods on your behalf under the Personal Importing System. These goods must be for your personal use only and in a “reasonable quantity”. Goods ordered are purchased by you from FBC, USA in Los Angeles, and when you order through the General Store, you are authorizing FBC Japan to be your agent in the process.

Q. When is the General Store order deadline

All General Store orders should be in by Midnight of the order Friday. Orders received after that time will be processed later on the following Order Friday.
Click here to download a calendar of the General Store order schedule.

Q. Receiving your order.

If the delivery company has tried to deliver but you are not at home, they will leave a note at your door with the date and time they tried to deliver. If this has happened, simply give us a call or fax and we will arrange for re-delivery. Please let us know when you ordered and when you’d like to receive your goods. We can’t guarantee a specific time for delivery but we will pass the requested day on to the delivery company. Just state the requested day on your order form or send us a fax and we will pass the information on to the delivery company. Please make sure that someone is at home to receive the order.



Sample note for delivery person (General Store orders)

If you can’t be home and would like them to leave your goods (General Store orders only) in front of your door, please leave a note in Japanese with your signature. See the sample note shown below.



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