What we do:

We try to make life in Japan a little better by bringing you Food and Fun from Home… Okay, that’s our tagline, but what we really mean is that we import food and other goodies (mostly from the US) and then deliver them to your door in Japan.

We have two main stores: The Deli & Learning Center (over 2,000 items, located in Japan, 5-7 day delivery) and The General Store (over 10,000 items, shipped by boat from the US, 39-42 day delivery).

We also have a walk-in shop here in Kobe, and a Special Order Service (SOS). Another one you may not know about, but has been incredibly popular, is a program called Madi’s Remailing Service – also run by FBC, out of our office in Los Angeles. Order anything from anywhere in the US and have it sent to our warehouse in LA – then Madi and the team will repack it and send it on (economically and quickly) to your door in Japan – takes only 4-5 days to get to you! Click here for the details…

One more thing we do, which is a little bit different, is our International School division. What started out as an extension of our Learning Center and Special Order Service (serving the international schools in Japan), is now a big part of what we do – and we serve schools all over Asia now! So, if your international school needs almost anything from almost anywhere, we’re here to make that happen.



Who we are:
A little bit of FBC history…My name’s Chuck, and I came to Japan in 1985 with a “real job” and expected to stay a year or two. After a year I brought Kelly over – we got married – and started our life together in Kobe. Well, Kelly loved all the Japanese food and I was okay with some of it, like fried chicken, but missed Mexican food and bagels and breakfast cereal and peanut butter – those things. So, on the side, we worked on a way to import these items for us and our friends using the personal import system. People were pretty excited and soon we had a couple of thousand families ordering several thousand items every week! In 1989 we completed our first full year of being a business and had our first baby, Kristin, so we started looking for things for her – Barney videos, books for story time, along with the diapers and Earth’s best baby food and all that. Then, we had 2 more little girls in under 5 years! Yikes! What were we thinking?! And, so did all our friends! At one point there were 3 of us families and we each had 3 girls – play group was our 9 girls! So, everyone wanted videos and books and games (Candyland!) and that service (The Learning Center) was born!

Then a couple of the big International schools approached us and said – since you send over containers every week and you seem to be buying from many of the same source, we get things from let’s work together. So, we did – and now we do most of the shopping for most of the major International Schools in Japan (and some others around Asia as well.) It’s the same concept. We are buyers not sellers and we represent a small group of people and go get what they want and need for them. We enjoy the community aspect of it and know most, well, lots of our members and enjoy a good relationship. So that’s our story. We have been doing this now for over 20 years! Who would have thought? Certainly not us! It’s good fun though and we enjoy meeting the new members and bringing in new and fun items – from pumpkins at Halloween to thousands of turkeys at the holidays. So, let us know who you are and what you need, and we’ll work on it for you! If you’re in Kobe drop by – but, now with our cool new website and database, we can probably do most things for you from here.


Talk soon,

Chuck, Kelly, Kristin, Lindsey, Sydney, Madison

(Plus, Dwayne – Kristin’s husband, Forrest – Lindsey’s husband, and baby Emily – Lindsey and Forrest’s first daughter)


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